Monday, July 29, 2013

The Duchess's Dogs...Stuffed Pugs

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor
and their pugs.
There are folks who love their pugs 
and none more than the Windsors.
This famous photo from their home 
is historic and memorable because it is 
very obvious how much they were not
afraid to show it.
Of course, guests and friends might have known this
and when they came to visit or gave a gift it was
another damn pug.  Like those folks who
open the flood gates because they like frogs
or turtles...they multiply for decades until you
hate the damn things.
But there was no question pugs were 

their pet of choice. 

There are now endless patterns
 to make an animal pillow of
 any breed these days.

You could even have a print of your 
darlin' put on fabric and
 make a one of a kind pillow.
I have a dear friend who had pillows made up
of famous women that sat on a sofa
below their photos in her library.
Very chic!

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  1. Jane,
    That last photo and the one of the pug pillows on the settee in the Windsor's master, too much!!

    2013 Designer Series

  2. For all of their quirks and absolutely fascinating couple. I love the settee with the pillows to match the famous women. Upstate NY?

  3. Brooke, this is Cusie's library in her 200 year old house in Hudson Valley. One of my favorites ever.


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