Friday, July 12, 2013

Revitalizing a Moroccan Textile

I stopped into one of my favorite
shops on Antique Row 
last week, 
Cashmere Buffalo.
Charlene Goldstein, the shop owner, loves
textiles and has a following of designers
who have clients who crave
ethnic pillows.
She asked me if I would re-work
 a recent find for her.
It was in very bad shape, but
look how a bit of attention 
made it shine.
I bought this fringe trim about
30 years ago in France and 
have been waiting for just
the right pillow to use it on.
Don't pass by a textile that winks at you
 no matter the size or the shape it is in.
They all have life left in them.
Become a follower of my blog and
 I will be
very grateful.


  1. Gorgeous Jane!! I love what you have done this pillow! The vintage trim is amazing!

    2013 Artists Series!

  2. Oh, I have saved trims for years. Thank you for the wonderful reminder. I think I have a place for some of them to get used now.

    Lovely posts.


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