Monday, July 22, 2013

Miss Vreeland and Her Pillow Secret

I thought that over the years
 I had read everything about
 Miss Vreeland, 
but this I did not know.
I knew that she loved her pillow
collection as is so obvious
in this famous photo.
 But I was surprised to learn 
that she injected her pillows
with perfume using a
hypodermic needle.
I love knowing this.
 I am going to try this myself.
I'll let you know what happens.


  1. Oh that IS interesting I love reading about Miss Vreeland!! Did you read a book that mentioned this? She is so fascinating Jane!

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  2. read her biography....
    she was beyond fascinating!!!

    let us know how the injection works.


  3. I have read all of her books and still this was news to me...must be my age! I once saw her at The Met in the 70's and once getting into her car on Park. I heard lots of stories from friends of mine who worked with her at Bazaar but I am going to check out this pillow "enhancement". Will report back soon. Thanks Renee.


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