Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Mermaid's Story from Sheila Bridges

was one of the first designers 
to become a television personality. 
She was smart, talented and
really struck me as strong in spirit.
 I received her book this morning 
from Matthew Smyth...
and it was signed to me.  
What a wonderful
way to begin the weekend with 
an interesting read!
The reviews sound so good... 
Sheila has lead an interesting
life and had the gumption to appear
without a wig when she contracted 
alopecia and lost her hair.
Not done by folks that appear
in the public view until she came along. 

Aside from the inspiration of her story, her design 
talents have always been so well thought out.
  I have looked at every detail
from her projects.  So many great ideas, 
color directions and knowledge of good design. 
Her apartment in NYC is a 
perfect example.

Pick up a copy for yourself and listen
to the song of this mermaid.
Thank you Matthew!


  1. Interesting woman. Great photos. Love the printed words wallpaper. Pinning.

  2. just read a great review of this book. sounds like a great one! xo

  3. Lucky You! There is something about a signed copy of a book that makes it so special. Love the pics too!

    ~ Becky

  4. I can't wait to read this! Though I just received notice from Amazon that the ship date has been moved from next month to January (I'm really bummed).

    Let us know what you thought of it!


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