Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Scavenging To Make A One-Of-A-Kind Pillow

I pick up items everyday from 
where I wander looking for elements
 for pillows.
I found this vintage needlepoint
 on eBay and the fabrics were
 pieces from my goods.
First, I start to pull pieces and measure and
 lay them out to make sure I have
 enough to do a pillow that will be 
sized right in scale with 
the needlepoint.
Pulling from my inventory boxes
 I try different fabrics,
colors and sizes of trim that
 will work with the needlepoint colors.

One of my attractions to this needlepoint
 was the date and initials
 of the person
who did the hand work on it.
This is the fun part for me...
the gathering and putting together of
all the pieces.

Here is the finished pillow and I know
that I will find the right
home for it when I list it
on eBay with a starting bid of $95.00.
 This became a one of a kind a pillow
 that I know someone will
admire for years to come.


  1. Love the houndstooth pattern with that gorgeous needlepoint!

    2013 Artists Series

    1. I just never get tired of working with black and white. This is now listed on eBay for $95.00 A great deal for a pillow lover.

  2. so do we get a heads up before it is listed, still loving my LV pillow! Cheers!!

    1. Oh, I am so glad! I have listed this needlepoint pillow on eBay for $95.00. Really a good price for it. It's up for 7 days. I am sorry I didn't know before that you were interested. Go in and watch it... So good hearing from you.

    2. will head over there, never really think about going on ebay anymore, always so focused on etsy!


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