Friday, July 5, 2013

Dana Aichler Pillow Maker Extraordinaire

When you are in the pillow design business 
you are a lover of textiles.
Probably to the point of distraction and
when you find someone with that same passion,
 that is usually the topic of conversation
 when you run into each other.
I became fast friends with Dana Aichler when
 we both would hoover
over the same pile of textiles at sales
and markets around Texas.
Sometimes we would reach for the same 
piece and it was not unusual for 
us to buy goods from each other.
I learned that she and her mother
 owned a fabulous shop,
 in Houston that carried her pillows.
I was new in town in the 90's
 and I went to check them out...
Well, they were fabulous and
just get more luscious with each
new batch.

Basically, when you are doing antique pillows
you work with fragments, pieces and
tiny embellishments that have survived.
It takes months to find all the elements
that make each pillow so subtle yet
powerful in a room.

These are pillows that don't go into 
a family room. Any person with
an eye will know from 50 feet
if they are the "real" deal.
 They are what designers look
for when doing the final touches on a project.
You pass them along to your eldest daughter who
knows that they are very special.  
Dana's pillows are works of art
and that is from
one obsessive pillow maker
to another...
Now you can buy them on line in
the eAntiquing site of
 and also from her selection at
  in H-town.
Photo Veranda 2009
You really don't need another purse. 
Buy yourself a one-of-a-kind 
pillow from Dana.
It will give you pleasure
for years to come.

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  1. HI Jane these are all such sumptuous fabrics and pillows!
    Each on is truly a work of art! I will check out Dana's site.

    2013 Designer Series


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