Friday, December 6, 2013

Newest Otomi Colors



I just never get tired of these
 fabulous works of art.  
You can certainly tell
that they are handmade.
Thank you for supporting the 
wonderful Otomi women.
Available now
at my 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Palm Beach Orange and Blue for Season

I have been selling lots of
orange and blue pillows here at
Then I started looking around
and notice it being used
more than I thought...
It seems to be an unexpected 
trend in the pillow world 
at the moment.

As I started to be aware of it 
noticed more around me
 than I thought.
Really a nice combination.
Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Touch of Blue...

Sometimes all it takes is a soft
touch of color to bring 
out the best in a room.
For one of my favorite clients we needed
to add subtle shades to bring
a bit of punch to a beautiful new home
that had a beige
We added some pillows for the living room
and a coordinated bench pad
for the foyer leading in.

I found some great trims
in my studio and they
added just the details we
were looking for.
This is a work in progress
so I will be posting 
more to follow. 
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Don't Be Crewel

Since the beginning there
has been thread work...
Childs coat circa 1770
Dress circa 1700
Green crewel early 1700's
Historical Crewel in Green.
Wonderful example of 
different techniques.
I never get tired of
 the look.
Many different examples of
Empress of The Eye Collection
Try to keep away 
from the obvious 
machine made if you are serious.
Very early needlework
Victoria and Albert Museum, UK
I love this chair.  
Heavier yarn look.
Such unusual colors.
Empress of The Eye Collection
This terrific room is an ode
 to textiles.
I have always loved
the white on white.
The little knots are called the
Brunschwig and Fils
Empress of The Eye Pillow Collection
Great family portrait...
and I love the crewel sofa
as a background.

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