Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cross & Cross Built This City

The Cross brothers were urban architects
mainly in the New York area in the early 1900's. 
They grew up with connections 
and breeding
Their projects ranged from skyscrapers
 to residential apartments, to country estates,
gardens and community clubs. 
Have you been to the 
Tiffany Building
 on 57th and 5th?
That's a Cross and Cross example.
The buildings they built are now growing
taller in the air space above
the original plot.
I love the massiveness  of
their work.  
Solid and organized.
 There are amazing details.
Ethnic influences, deco designs
 and staggering
motifs flank these buildings.

407 Park Avenue
I love this building.
They built many of these small 
buildings up
and down the avenues.
Each lobby had embellishments
to die for. 
Animals, ships, fauna, every
element was used.  

Working with big industry 
Cross and Cross
naturally were brought in to do
 large estates and
These traditional homes with
so many chic elements, show a slight
of hand compared to the massive
building projects.
They are just beautiful...and being demolished
rapidly unfortunately.
I love their style.  They look rooted yet
comfortable with a touch of intelligence.
My favorite building by
Cross and Cross
is the
RCA Victor Building
in New York City.
Imagine the times ... sound, movies, radios,
 the electricity that was running a 
nation would be
represented by this building.
It looks like a temple 
of gold.
 There are so many details
it is just layer upon layer 
if you look closely.
  Cross and Cross 
knew that this building represented
 the power of electricity
 and the tower of the building 
reached for the sky.
 Gold, copper, marble, stone
it was all used.
 Aztec, industrial, nouveau, 
Greek mythology. 
 The effigies on the top measure
 54 feet each. 
I really loved this book, it told 
the tale of a city that I love.
But, one of the best parts is that the floor plans 
that are included are fabulous.
I am a floor plan junkie.
So take a look at this book.  We don't really
look closely these days at the details that go
into buildings like these.  So keep 
looking up.
Cross and Cross 
New York City.

This book was published by 
Monacelli Press
 and is just beautiful.
Photo credit:  Jonathan Wallen

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