Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wisteria + Otomi + Empress = Spring Fling

By now you know I love the vibrance of the Otomi
Indian designs.
My pillow collection is one of my most
popular seller.
The Melamine plates that Wisteria have on 
sale this weekend 
are the the perfect extension of these 
wonderful designs.

This company has grown over the years and the
family group of folks who run it really
have the basic pieces you don't want to 
spend your life looking for.

You can find this great tale top set up at 
Memorial Interiors and Antiques
in Houston along with a nice
collection of my pillows.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Kips Bay Kathryn Ireland Shows Bed Perfection

Every once in a while you see a bed that
is done so that you can actually sleep in it.
At this years Kips Bay Show House in NYC
Kathryn Ireland did the bedroom in her
latest line of fabrics and trim from 
Her fabric combinations are so chic and lush.
This bed is a major statement, but you can
see that for the scale she only 
used 3 accent pillows
and actually shows the sleeping pillows
tucked in place.
Too often beds get overloaded with pillows, 
huge bolsters and more.
Your floor is littered with them each
 morning and it is tough getting up in the
 middle of the night without tripping
 over them.
It's still a tight squeeze with only
 3 decorator pillows in
this size bedroom.
You can "over dress" any size
bed, but finally that look is
becoming extinct I think.
 The Quintessence coverage of this
years Kip's Bay House is extensive
and so well done.  
Don't miss seeing all the details.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

From Table to Sofa

These four pillows were made
 from a vintage 50's set of cotton 
napkins for a card party 
table set up.
To make them larger, I added
 two inches of mitered fabric on 
the fronts.  
There is also a black flat gimp
to attache both fabric elements
 On the back I used a larger check
 just to keep it interesting.
Here is a closer look...
 They don't look old now,
 they look updated.
Nice and crisp.
(They are for sale right now
at The Brass Scale Antique shop
in West Palm Beach.)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Knock! Knock! It's the Mattress Tag Police!

I don't know if anyone has told you,
but there is NOT a police squad that
will arrest you if you remove your
tags from your soft goods.
You might not think that it is important
to remove them from your pillow
inserts, but there is nothing
that I notice more than the feel of
that tag when you sit
with a pillow if it is still attached.
It's like the
 Princess and The Pea
 What the tag is made of
is not soft and will not get softer
even after washing or
the longer it is left on.
Some tickets even make
a "crinkle" sound.
But, just don't rip it off, 
take the time to cut it
carefully so the seam doesn't 
opens to let out your 
So that's my public service
announcement on this
Don't get caught with your 
tags hanging out.
Have a great week.
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