Monday, April 29, 2013

Odd Fellow Pillow Collection

You can make a custom, one of a kind pillow
 from just about anything.  
It only takes a fragment...
At the turn of the century there was a 
fraternal organization called
The Oddfellows
I had never heard of them.
They are like the Shriners with
religious overtones and devotion 
to their community.
There are still chapters active today.
Check out their ceremonial garb...

(With all the crazy costumes and
swords and items that were incorporated
into their ceremonies these folks
in the farmlands were having
some fun too!)

I found a batch of these costumes in Indiana
years ago and thought all
the embellishments would make
great pillow details.
It became an obsession.
These costumes were usually trimmed in high
end French metallic bullion and
embroideries to die for.
  If you can find the real stuff today 
it prices out
at about $12 a yard!
You cannibalize each piece
and fit them together like a puzzle.
It's like my ex husband used to say...
"Parts is parts."
These costumes were in very good condition
 so they were easily cut and 
pieced to make
the overall design.
Every scrap counts.

Many times you have to use a
stabilizer to keep the fabric preserved
and give it strength, but any piece
is worth saving.
You just iron it on the back
of the fragment.
 This can be found at 
any fabric store.
This collection I even included furniture
pieces and I still live with one of
my favorites today.
Start looking at items in a different way
and you will see the world is
filled with embellishments for
one-of-a-kind pillows
 and other projects!

Friday, April 12, 2013

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Making some changes to my blog.

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