Friday, August 23, 2013

Scavenger Hunt for Vintage Silk Scarves

Scarf styles change and these days most 
of them are the long narrow size to wrap 
around your neck.
That means that the silk squares
are not as popular and find their
way to thrift and
 consignment shops.
Vera, Hermes, YSL and all the major
designers did a line of silk scarves
at some time, even Picasso.
So make sure that when
you are at an estate sale dig into
the baskets filled with scarves
for almost no cost.
I have found that using silk on both
sides of the pillow make a more stable
finished product.  Even a light
weight velvet will drag on the light 
weight of the silk.   Try using some 
dupioni silk on the back instead.
Martha, of course, has a video in two
parts here that shows you how
to make a silk pillow with a 
Now I know these are not pillows for
the family room, 
but to find one fabulous 60's or 70's
 silk scarf and make it into a 
pillow would be the perfect touch on
 a bed or formal living area.
Besides, if you find a real deal,
which I know you will, you can 
change them out according to
your whims.

If you can make them yourself, they are 
amazing gifts for
a birthday or housewarming gift.
This beauty was also quilted
and that detail was a nice
trick to keep in mind.
So, find a good neighborhood 
tag sale and check out that pile of scarves
that everyone else is walking by.
Happy hunting! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

No Pillows ... But Some Comic Relief

I just couldn't pass these up.
In the design business you can 
plan everything, but then it can
go sideways on you.
Perfect examples...

Words fail me.
Have a good week and keep
an eye on your contractors.
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