Monday, July 29, 2013

The Duchess's Dogs...Stuffed Pugs

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor
and their pugs.
There are folks who love their pugs 
and none more than the Windsors.
This famous photo from their home 
is historic and memorable because it is 
very obvious how much they were not
afraid to show it.
Of course, guests and friends might have known this
and when they came to visit or gave a gift it was
another damn pug.  Like those folks who
open the flood gates because they like frogs
or turtles...they multiply for decades until you
hate the damn things.
But there was no question pugs were 

their pet of choice. 

There are now endless patterns
 to make an animal pillow of
 any breed these days.

You could even have a print of your 
darlin' put on fabric and
 make a one of a kind pillow.
I have a dear friend who had pillows made up
of famous women that sat on a sofa
below their photos in her library.
Very chic!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Vintage Metallic Trims...The Hunt

When I started making pillows I was always
trying to find the French and Italian
Metallic Gimps that go back through
 the ages.
I dream of the trims that I saw in 
paintings such as this.
Just look at size of the braids
on these uniforms! 
The metal thread is usually wrapped around
a coil to give it a raised look.
Metallic bullion..
always the perfect
 trim for
the ends of pillows.
Isn't this detail beautiful?  
And I love the worn and aged silk.
These trims are not only difficult to find, but are 
extremely expensive.  I found a real
nice lot at a church rummage
sale probably 20 years ago and
still use it sparingly. 

One of the best sources is vestments
and ecclesiastical religious items.

Pieces, just pieces.
  This Russian garment I found on
ETSY and if you just take the trims and bullion
off carefully it would be worth it.
The church never scrimps. 

A pillow maker I admire is
Born in the south she knew how to
sew and sought out tapestries, trims
and textile elements at the
antique shops in New Orleans.
Her pillows I consider works of art.

In 1999 Rebecca got her first order for her pillows 
from Nieman Marcus, 
of course, 
and the rest is history.

She has such a brilliant style and her 
pillows are perfection.
Rebecca travels throughout
 the world looking for the exceptional
 historical pieces
that make her pillows so desirable.
Just the right balance of not too much, 
as the fabrics and the trims speak for themselves.
Each pillow has that incredible deluxe
look that you know when you see it,
 that Rebecca has created it. 
She works with Aubusson fragments, 
antique velvets, vintage Fortuny and 
saves these works of art
 for future generations to enjoy.

To the average shopper they look old
and used.  To the trained eye, with some
historical knowledge, they are iconic.

Her pillows run from the hundreds
 to thousands of dollars, but you know they are
 real treasures and one on a sofa
can "make" a room.

You can find replicas of metallic gimps
 and embellishments
 in the terrific
 trim shops in NYC and Paris, 
but I really enjoy the hunt to find
the real thing.
Is this the same as foraging for truffles?
Keep an eye out, you just never know
when you will find a piece to make
a pillow you will treasure forever.
My "Holy Grail" would be to find one
 of these wonderful royal banners.
Can you imagine this as 
a pillow?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Miss Vreeland and Her Pillow Secret

I thought that over the years
 I had read everything about
 Miss Vreeland, 
but this I did not know.
I knew that she loved her pillow
collection as is so obvious
in this famous photo.
 But I was surprised to learn 
that she injected her pillows
with perfume using a
hypodermic needle.
I love knowing this.
 I am going to try this myself.
I'll let you know what happens.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Mermaid's Story from Sheila Bridges

was one of the first designers 
to become a television personality. 
She was smart, talented and
really struck me as strong in spirit.
 I received her book this morning 
from Matthew Smyth...
and it was signed to me.  
What a wonderful
way to begin the weekend with 
an interesting read!
The reviews sound so good... 
Sheila has lead an interesting
life and had the gumption to appear
without a wig when she contracted 
alopecia and lost her hair.
Not done by folks that appear
in the public view until she came along. 

Aside from the inspiration of her story, her design 
talents have always been so well thought out.
  I have looked at every detail
from her projects.  So many great ideas, 
color directions and knowledge of good design. 
Her apartment in NYC is a 
perfect example.

Pick up a copy for yourself and listen
to the song of this mermaid.
Thank you Matthew!
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