Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Ain't Northing Like the Real Thing..."

Vintage Fortuny Pillows with
 French Metallic Details
and Velvet.
Looking for a good home.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Magical Neck Roll

These days I spend lots of time
using my computer while
 sitting up in bed.
If I can't sleep I will turn
it on and surf until I fall
back to sleep.
We all do it now that
 the world is at our
fingertips day or night.
If you're like me you 
have tried
stacking pillows...I seem
to spend more time adjusting them.
A different position gets tiring.

And I just don't see one of these
in my future...
I like to have an upholstered 
headboard and a couple of
 back pillows.
But it takes time to
find the right combination.
I like to also have at least 
one neck roll.
They make a huge difference.

Tip Number One:
Make sure that it has a
 zipper or unties
 so you can throw
it in the wash often.

Tip Number Two:
Try to find a cover that you will 
  know by touch.
I have mine covered in a micro fiber
 fabric so that I don't have to
turn on a light to find it.
I know by just feeling it
that it is the neck roll.
So, that's my tip of the week.
Enjoy your bed!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bark! Bark! Barkcloth!

Barkcloth is bullet proof.
One pillow works perfect on a 
side chair in the guest room 
or a foyer.

Here is a typical print.
But of late I have found 
some different patterns 
and colors.
They seem much more

Most of it has been around for over 
75 years and still, a soak in 
Oxi Clean and it will
come back to life.

Keep an eye out for a nice
 drapery panel
and think about
using it somewhere other than
 the porch or logia.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Stephen Sills Latest Book a Must For Your Coffee Table

"He's good...very good.  I like him."
                                   Matthew Patrick Smyth
I spent the weekend reading this
 marvelous new design book by 
from Rizzoli.
This is his second book 
and centers on 16 
residential interiors.
(Drop date October 22nd.)
In this book there is a warm intro from
and  you know that he
 doesn't speak for just anyone.

It was like opening a door.
 Known for his projects
 throughout the world this book
has a sense of home
 and luxury.  
Rich luxury.
 Beautiful stock, well laid out 
yet filled with ideas that do not just apply
 to big budgets. 

On the Upper West Side of Manhattan
 is the classic apartment building,
 The Apthorp,
 where Mr. Sills 
is the creative director and
With this building as a historical backdrop
Mr. Sills taste is clearly seen.
from Mr. Sills.
The spaces show someone  
who is very confident 
 of his talents.
Custom created rugs, the best antiques,
both historical and modern, 
high end finishes and
incredible space.
It's all here on these pages.

And the artwork!
An amazing mix of 
contemporary, whimsical and
 beautiful masters, but not in an obvious
"in your face" way.

I have to say that this pair
of Calude Lalanne 
bronze chairs
 knocked me off my seat.
I could live with them
in an empty room and
just gaze at them.
With the Lichtenstein and the
other gold accents this
room has to be one of my
The rug. 
 The detailed moldings. 
 The lamps.
Notice this
amazing Aubusson Directoire 
rug placed in a home on Long Island
that Mr. Sills did for long time clients
with a major art collection.

You can see that the wall trim on
this hallway is done 
in nail heads.
Mr. Sills rooms are brilliant in the
mix of styles and fabrics, but
the details are what make
him a master!
Out of this world.
Leather covered walls,  huge
tapestries, custom floors and woodwork
chosen and remilled for just the 
perfect old world feeling.  
Country French, mid century, custom bronzes,
Moroccan tiles, Italian pieces 
are all in the mix and I think 
that and the way Mr. Sills spaces
his rooms were the most
exciting to me. 
Of all the great design books
on the shelves this Fall, I 
think this is one that I will constantly 
refer back to for inspiration...
and DECORATION tips.
Photography:  Francois Halard

Have a terrific week.
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