Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Last Round Up

After 5 years I have had a great time
writing this blog and 
my life has been enriched
by fellow bloggers and readers.
Recently my time has been spent designing
 pillows that I love making.
Pillows are my passion and thankfully
my business is growing
not only working with designers, but also
the boutiques around the 
country who carry my collections.
I will be attending to my eBay
and ETSY shops along with
the Empress of The Eye
Facebook page.
I am also lucky to have some
great interior design projects
that are pretty fabulous.
Again, thanks for all of 
your comments and kindness.

There was plenty to choose from this year,
 but these three made it to my coffee table and 
stayed there for months.

All of Brian McCarthy's projects are
VERY grand and out of my scope, 
but what I did
 keep going back to were
 the individual pieces.
In his table top book
Luminous Interiors
each room was filled with items that I had never
seen before and totally lusted after.
This unexpected suzani style
bedspread is beautiful and adds
such a dash of the unexpected.
And this amazing alligator bench.
Not everyone could place this
in an interior.
With a foreword from
Bunny Williams
who he apprenticed with at Parish-Hadley, 
it all comes together.
  The details, the search,
the travels, the knowledge and
 the history.
Brian McCarthy 
got where he is today with
 hard work and a trained eye.
I guarantee you will find yourself looking
through this book for inspiration years from now.
Nancy Braithwaite's long awaited first book
The Art of Simplicity
is a knockout. 
(I love this photo of her on the job.)
Mrs. Braithwaite is a designer who
 has made her name
 following her own path. 
Every element and object seems 
hand picked and place with reverence.
How brilliant are the large metal digits
 around the door frames?
You could look through this book
 while listening to
and feel wonderful.

Her designs are studied
 and so
 well thought out.
Linda O'Keeffe 
has  been in the design business forever.
Metropolitan Home creative director,
 stylist and writer.   
Her latest book,
is filled with bold name designers
showing off their own residences.
Look at this lineup...
It's seems a bit voyeuristic 
to be so up close and personal
 when you see where these major design folks
 hang their hats...and 
that is what I loved about this book.

Jenna Lyons, J. Crew
And finally...
One of my dearest friends, Joe Eula, has
been totally captured in this wonderful coffee
table book written by Cathy Horyn last fall.
Fashion, society, art and a
character that is well described
in this beautiful publication.
Joe was a real pip! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Heart Is In The Highlands...

When my father said goodbye to his father
 at the ship docks on
The Clyde he knew that 
he would never see
him again.
My grandfather playing the pipes
 for my father during WW II
in Scotland.
That was in 1955.
After almost 60 years my sister, Brooke
 and I had the negatives from
 that trip finally put on a single CD. 


                                           My fathers love of Scotland 
just shines in these images.

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