Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Magical Neck Roll

These days I spend lots of time
using my computer while
 sitting up in bed.
If I can't sleep I will turn
it on and surf until I fall
back to sleep.
We all do it now that
 the world is at our
fingertips day or night.
If you're like me you 
have tried
stacking pillows...I seem
to spend more time adjusting them.
A different position gets tiring.

And I just don't see one of these
in my future...
I like to have an upholstered 
headboard and a couple of
 back pillows.
But it takes time to
find the right combination.
I like to also have at least 
one neck roll.
They make a huge difference.

Tip Number One:
Make sure that it has a
 zipper or unties
 so you can throw
it in the wash often.

Tip Number Two:
Try to find a cover that you will 
  know by touch.
I have mine covered in a micro fiber
 fabric so that I don't have to
turn on a light to find it.
I know by just feeling it
that it is the neck roll.
So, that's my tip of the week.
Enjoy your bed!


  1. Jane great tips; like you I find myself pulling pillows this way and that and having a hard time getting comfortable! Any in you shop?

    2013 Designer & Artists Series

  2. Karen, I usually make neck rolls custom for the particular bed, but if I find any I will let you know. How is the project coming along? How is your health?


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