Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bark! Bark! Barkcloth!

Barkcloth is bullet proof.
One pillow works perfect on a 
side chair in the guest room 
or a foyer.

Here is a typical print.
But of late I have found 
some different patterns 
and colors.
They seem much more

Most of it has been around for over 
75 years and still, a soak in 
Oxi Clean and it will
come back to life.

Keep an eye out for a nice
 drapery panel
and think about
using it somewhere other than
 the porch or logia.


  1. You have once again educated me Jane. I had heard of this fabric way way back when......
    I will be in the lookout and go for a new look when my condo sells!

    Art by Karena

  2. I have a bin full of old barkcloth and barkcloth panels, thanks for the tip on the oxi clean

  3. I have a bin full of barkcloth panels and remnants, acquired with the hope I would one day become crafty, thanks for the tip on the Oxiclean. Have a wonderful Sunday


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