Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Placing a Bet on Purple

I have seen a profusion of aubergine,
plum, eggplant and violet
 walking down the runway for the
Fall 2013 season...
 and now it's trickling down 
to interiors.
It's not one of my favorite colors
and I don't think I could make a 
major commitment to a sofa 
or wall paint, 
but they seem to be using it differently
 from the past.

I love it paired up with khaki, greys and black.
And the really vibrant gem green
is interesting.
 These colors are
getting coverage and I think they
work as accents in an interior.
This is a great look from

I have a deep purple in
my Otomi Pillow Collection and lots of
folks admire it, but can't seem
to pull the trigger.

We shall see what develops with
this trend.

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  1. Hi Jane, Purple in all of its shades, from lavender to aubergine to amethyst I love,love! Adore the Forest Fables in the deep purple/magenta

    Feature: Sigal Sasson Entrepreneur!


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