Sunday, September 22, 2013

...but he has everything!!!

Okay, so we all have friends that live
 exciting lives traveling, 
 are smart, creative
and successful.
They are caring and treasured friends.
They always know what I want.
A toast with some good
a travel adventure

a good book and
 lots of laughs.
But my question is what do you give 
as a gift? 

That is what happened to me.
My dear friend
Matthew Patrick Smyth,
 who always thought
of me and knew exactly what
would make me happy, even
if it was NOT an occasion,
was having a birthday.
I was stumped...
So, I found a photo of his 
Connecticut home
and made it into a pillow.
I used a fabric from his collection for 
and left the grommets in it.
(Yes, I snagged it from the showroom...officer.)
A touch of black.
Then I thought, why don't I do
 this for clients
of projects that I do?
And what about the perfect 
gift for other designers?
You could find a historical photo of
the house and it would
be a great reminder of the  
life of the home.
Or the family?

What about the original
Or just a wonderful 
sketch if you have one?
So, let your imagination run wild.
I'm sure you will think of something
fabulous to put a smile on
your clients faces.
Oh, and you know I can
design a pillow
for you in no time!


  1. what a brilliant idea! you are so clever!

  2. Thanks Meg...wish I was closer to Baltimore to attend your talk. Yes, it is more than "The Wire" and you promote the city you love so well.

  3. Yes....Brilliant! I'll bet Mathew was thrilled.

  4. Jane what a cool idea, a lasting Memory! I bet Mathew loved his gift!
    2013 Designer Series!

  5. Matthew Patrick SmythSeptember 23, 2013 at 8:48 PM

    Yes... I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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