Sunday, August 11, 2013

No Pillows ... But Some Comic Relief

I just couldn't pass these up.
In the design business you can 
plan everything, but then it can
go sideways on you.
Perfect examples...

Words fail me.
Have a good week and keep
an eye on your contractors.


  1. Jane, Don't laugh but the photo of the toilet built up on a tiled pedestal is how the bathrooms were built in the Nairobi airport! It was ridiculous but I flew through there last November. It was so awkward because the booth and its pedestal left little to no room for my carry on bag while using the facilities. Guess now they will all be rebuilt. In some of these....what are people thinking!!!!

  2. Actually, the grab bar behind the wall-hung toilet in the first photo is per regulations. (I wouldn't kid about that). Unfortunately, there are no regulations for paper locations, so most code enforcers would rate it compliant. As for the others, nothing beats a good set of construction drawings.

  3. Staggering how poorly some people plan their spaces, isn't it?

    I often run into (no pun intended) the bathroom door so close to the toilet that you cannot shut the door while on the toilet, but must first enter the room, edge around the bowl, then shut the door behind you with perhaps 6" to spare of clearance, and only then are you able to sit down.

    When I had an architect who knew what he was doing, I STILL had to insist on a 7' long x 42" wide toilet area room and explain to him why more than 5'0" in length was necessary.

  4. It is just amazing isn't it? You have to watch "them" all the time. I couldn't not post this.

  5. Oh my God, I just about spit out my mouthful of coffee looking at these pictures! Thank you for a good laugh!

  6. Jane, OMG you have me laughing out loud at each of these photos! Like Really!?

    Oh yes, I want to hire those contractors! Ha!

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