Saturday, June 8, 2013

Well Placed ...

Here are some examples of 
pillows that I think have been used
well not only for comfort, but 
as a perfect design detail.
You can tell this pillow is down filled
and would only add to your comfort 
in this setting.
 Where it is placed
makes you want to crawl into the 
corner of the sofa.
 Great mix.
In larger beds don't let the pillows
Perfect placement, 
perfect size, 
perfect colors.
Touch of Fortuny.
Great details and sublime
combination of fabrics here.
If you use a throw, don't 
throw it, (those always
look staged), fold it and place it
for color and comfort.
 Love bolsters, but they have to 
be the right size and shape
 for the sofa or chair.
This round, tailored one is perfect for the 
higher sofa arms.
(Matthew Patrick Smyth)
This pillow is the perfect scale 
and bold enough to handle the fringe
trim on the sofa.
(Matthew Patrick Smyth)
Dark pillows emphasize the ones placed in front 
and I love the tufted sofa along with 
the circular fabric on the 
accent pillows.
The added detail of the carpet square
pattern pulls this room all together.
(Matthew Patrick Smyth)
A bedroom sitting area that has so much
 going for it, but I love the fact that the window
 treatments are so fancy
and the pillows are perfectly restrained
 in contrast.

(Matthew Patrick Smyth)
Using a mitered cut on the front of the 
pillow in the corner 
of this banquet adds a great
detail to this setting.
Another perfect pillow placement
BBC "Couples" 
Joke About Pillows...very funny.

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